Joel Moreno Codinachs

guitarrist - composer

 Joel Moreno Codinachs Quintet


JMC Quintet is the group where Catalan guitarist Joel Moreno Codinachs develops his own compositions. It was originally formed in 2006 in Barcelona.


Joel Moreno Codinachs, guitarra

Jordi Santanach, saxo tenor

Alejandro di Costanzo, piano

Oriol Roca, contrabaix

Santi Colomer, bateria









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In Songs for Midnight Dancers, the awaited second work with his quintet, Moreno Codinachs paints an extraordinary fresco of the night's world, of his nights, from the elegance, the melancholy and his good taste as, allow me, "charmant" composer.


Martí Farré




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Here you can watch videos of JMC Quintet's “Songs for Midnight Dancers” . This clips were recorded life in a concert at Sala Fènix in Barcelona on July 20, 2015:













In 2007, Joel flew to New York and went back to Barcelona two years later with the album "Emergexit" under his belt, a musical collection of the many experiences he lived in the city. Praised for its strong musical design, the ability to surprise and its lyrical and precious melodies, it has been said that it keeps up both the musical tension with the artistic risk and the listener attention with its lyricism. The set of pieces is a sweet balance between composition and improvisation.


"Emergexit" was recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn :


Joel Moreno Codinachs, guitar

Jason Arce, tenor and soprano sax

Itai Kriss, flute

Wei Xiang Tan, piano

Clay Shcaub, doublebass

Nick Anderson, drums


In September 2010 the music label “Errabal” releases the album “Emergexit" and Joel retakes his work with the quintet, this time in Barcelona, sided by Jordi Santanach at the sax, Martí Ventura at the piano, Pere Loewe at the doublebass and Oriol Roca playing drums.


JMC Quintet has played concerts at Casino de Granollers within the "Cicle de Jazz al Casino", Jamboree in Barcelona, Certamen de Jazz de Palma de Mallorca and Mas Sorrer within Gualta Jazz Festival, among other venues and festivals. The tune "Octoblues" from the CD "Emergexit" was selected to be included in the compilation album "Jazz from Catalonia 2011" published by Catalan! Arts from ICIC.






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